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Non- dairy Creamer
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Non- dairy Creamer

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  ▏Product profile
The end of the plant fat also known as powder oil or milk extract, is a powder product produced by microcapsule technology using vegetable oil, maltose syrup, and casein as the main raw materials.
The end of the resin plant has good solubility, emulsifying dispersion, and forms a uniform emulsion in water and has good heat resistance stability. Can be adjusted to any proportion of mixture or powder mixture. The internal structure of the food has been improved to make the taste more lubricated, more delicate thicker and more rich milk sensation.
Due to its good mixing solubility and strong "milk sensitivity" the end of the plant fat is widely used in the food industry. Because it is not easily destroyed by oxidation, the product retention period is extended. and the cost of raw materials is reduced while
maintaining product quality. In some foods, alternative milk powder can be added or the amount of milk powder can be reduced Therefore, more and more food processing industries have chosen sebaceous end as the ideal raw material for their products.
Various drinks: coffee drinks, cocoa drinks, soy milk, peanutmilk
Various foods: fast food noodles,convenience foods breads,pastries, ice cream, sauce, chocolate, frozen snacks, rice flour, cream,soup and so on.
Various kinds of solid drinks: milk tea, fruit powder, cereal, walnut powder, Sesame paste, Lotus paste and so on.
Appearance: milky white or yellow powder, uniform and unlumped.
  ▏Project index
Fat: produced according to customer requirements(0%-75%)
Protein: produced according to customer requirements
Total colonies: <1000 CFU/g
No germs detected.
  ▏Packaging storage


This product is made of composite film paper outer bag,polyethylene inner bag, 25kg/bag or packaged according to customer requirements.
This product should be placed in a cool and dry place with a shelf life of 24 months.
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