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The first batch of "Dietary Nutrition" special vocational ability training courses in Shanghai have been successfully completed.

2019-06-20 09:52
In early November 2018, the first batch of "Dietary Nutrition" special vocational ability training courses in Shanghai formally opened in Shanghai Health Industry Development Promotion Association Vice President Unit, Shanghai Quantitative Health Group, with more than 90 trainees in the first training course. The opening of the training course marked the official start of the high-skilled personnel training base of Shanghai Association for the Promotion of Health Industry Development.
At the opening ceremony, Ms. Shaudina, the lifelong founding president and secretary-general of the association, delivered a speech on behalf of the association. She pointed out that the professional opportunities of Dietary Nutritionist are huge and vast, and the association has developed this special vocational skill project through great efforts, hoping that the students present and those who are interested in this profession can enhance their professional ability. She hoped that the students can seize the opportunity to study hard.

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