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Production process

Production process

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Production Process
4 advanced spray drying towers with daily output of 200 tons. The spray drying process adopts cy-cIone separation, twice powder collection and triple cooling. The material through sprayed and dried after granulation can create a perfect flowability and resolving ability.
The process flow as follows:Automatic dosing→Pasteurization→high→pressure tohomogenate, spray and dry→ granula tion→automatic packing. The whole production system is automatically controlled by the computer.
Food safety
We understand that you attach great importance to food safety, so we also spare no effort in safety quality.
Changhui food from the original material procurement to finished products layer by layer,and implement a strict quality inspection mechanism. Regardless of the quality inspection before production, the quality monitoring during production, the sampling and sampling after production and the product traceability after being out of storage, the requirements are strict in each link and the pursuit of perfection.
Produc D&R
Changhui has always adhered to the three high pr inciples of high start ing point of equipment techno logy, high qual ity of emp loyees, and high qual ity of products".At the same time, it has hired famous domestic and foreign experts to prov ide long-term technical gui dance on food science and nutrition, and estab l i shed a complete product quality management system. Through the certificat ion of the ISO 9001 quality management system, the ISO 14001 environmental management system, and the ISO22000 food safety management system, from the source to the production process, from the process to the operating standard, from the quality inspection to the health standards Both have laid an excel lent product quality and a sol id safety and security foundation for changhui Food.

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